CBC De MEANDER    Founded 1 oktober 1998
Geistingen  Correspondence adresse:   venlosesteenweg 199


3640 Kinrooi--Geistingen

  Member of the Belgien

  curve Bowls Federation



Geistingen march 2016



Dear bowls freinds,

CBC De Meander Geistingen invite you all to play bowls and shortmat tournament on Saturday 11 June 2015.
This Triples tournament can include up to 32 teams.

Each team plays during this tournament two bowls and two Shortmat matches. The number of ends in bowls is 7 ends and each player plays two bowls. When we play Shortmat play we 8 ends also each with 2 bowls.

Starting time is 10:00u in Sports hall De Schans, Nelisveld 13 in Kinrooi -Belgien.

In case of cancellations you must provide your own for a replacement.

Applications like 11 May returningto the address below.

The registration fee is 8 euros pro person.     including a piece of cake

One should transfer the money to C.B.C. De Meander Geistingen with
stating Bowls-and Short Mat tournament at KBC bank Ophoven BE80 4590 0674 3177.

Please also notice with no participation.

Hopefully  enough entries and with friendly bowls greetings.

Theunissen L
Venlosesteenweg, 199,
3640 Geistingen Kinrooi


Tel. 00 32 89 / 56.58.10.

Email leontheunissen@hotmail.com